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Weavers in Tuscany since 1842

In Tuscany, in Anghiari, Busatti has handcrafted natural linen fibers, hemp and cotton since 1842. The result are fabrics that keep alive the spirit of the country and the Renaissance traditions but which stay new and innovative through new processing that we put into our colors and finishing, while never sacrificing quality.

The company is owned by the same family for eight generations, earning respect and valuing continuity.
Yarn, of the highest quality, are completely processed in Italy. The dye is applied directly on the thread not on the bolt, to grant a longer and more brilliant wear.

The store and the factory/laboratory are still in the same historical Palazzo in Anghiari: Palazzo Morgalanti, which dates back to the fifteenth century.

Busatti offers a vast choice of fabrics by the meter/yard and finished collections for:
  • Tableware: tablecloths, placemats, napkins, runners, cavalieri (tète à tète/ crossed placemat);
  • Kitchenware: kitchen towels, aprons, mitts, bread warmers;
  • Bedding: bed-sheeting, cushions, shams, bed spreads, coverlets, quilts, duvet covers;
  • Children and baby bedding: cribs, cradles, bed-sheets, quilts, duvet covers, bibs, pajama bags;
  • Window treatment and upholstery: curtains, sheers;
  • Bath-ware: towels, bathrobes, bath carpets

We offer full range of limited edition accessories such as women bags, beach bags, shoes, belts, ties perfect for corporate gifts.

Each product is finished and embellished by skilled and expert hands with hemstitch, hand-made laces, embroideries, monograms and lily-stitch.

A very important point of strength of Busatti is offering a made to measure/customized service personalized to the extreme, creating original solutions to meet our clients special needs.

Custom orders are our specialty.

Busatti has a network of stores throughout Italy and in countries all over the world.