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Busatti’s Textile World: three projects that blend tradition, innovation and creation.

In the cellars of Palazzo Morgalanti, the historic premises in Anghiari, the shuttle looms (which date from the 1920s to the 1960s) admirably do their work. With skill and patience they weave linen and cotton threads for unique and resistant textiles. A task that they have been repeating daily for many years, but which would not be possible without the artisan knowledge of those who look after and manage these machines. Stefano R. and Annibale are the souls of Anghiari’s weaving, they are responsible for the magic that is repeated every day.

A few kilometres away, craftsmanship meets technology and modernity. In the new factory, powered by an important photovoltaic system, the most innovative designs are born, zero impact fabrics (such as the one made with seaweed fibre) and the prototypes designed by Stefano S. will be the protagonists of the new collections.

WARP is our latest creation: the workshop of ideas that come to life to open new paths in the Busatti world, under the careful eye (and hand) of Stefano S.