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Artisans, Working with Busatti

Our respect for artisanal handcrafted fabrics is a tradition that renews with each generation

One works with Busatti not for Busatti. We insist on this as it reflects our respect for our workforce. The artisans are encouraged to collaborate with us, not do our bidding. Some of them become like members of the family, such as Annibale Del Sere, nicknamed Bibi.

Work at Busatti is almost a family story

If you visit our laboratory you will notice a certain gentleman. You cannot talk with him as it is very noisy in the lab. We think it is also because he is absorbed in his creative thoughts. Bibi, a weaver through chance, is also very much an artist, in every meaning of the word. During his lifetime, most of it spent amongst the looms and fabrics, he has been lucky enough to meet and collaborate with other artists such as Francesco Guccini (Italian folk singer and composer) or Roberto Benigni (very well-known actor and star of the seminal Italian movie, Life is Beautiful). Or maybe consider his travels with intellectuals like Franco Vene’.

Simple yet resistant

You can thank Bibi if the tablecloth you have had at home for decades is still in its original shape or if that kitchen towel still dries well. It seems like he has forever woven, created and painted our craft. His artwork has been exhibited in our Anghiari showroom and his singing skills are renowned! He once told me his favorite fabric is Melograno (you know it as pomegranate and is stripped), because it is simple yet resistant. It is not by chance that it is our fabric assortments that have produced a patrimonial family since time immemorial.