playing cards with checks and cups”

In the classic line of fabrics traditional Florentine Renaissance motifs are back to live

Between the two World Wars, Busatti renamed their tablecloths patterns with playing card theme. The centuries old motifs represented on them are still fascinating today.

Ladies, checks and cups

Fante Di Danari and Fante di Quadri, also called Damona and Damina, are tipical Italian fabrics for tableware. In Tuscany they have regained favor thank to the “Tovaglia a quadri” (checker tablelcloth) the name of a form of street theater which is held each summer , in August, in the streets of the village of Anghiari.

Tablecloths, napkins, runners, aprons placemats and “cavalieri” crossed placemats rich in history

The Donna di Coppe, or Queen of Cups, pattern owes its name to the figure of a cup amidst a beautiful scrollwork design. This design is from the eighteenth century and is of Lucchese origin. The Cinque di Cuori, or Five of Hearts, is a traditional, rustic design with alternating images of grape leaves and grape bunches.

It is a jubilant pattern that recalls the grape harvest and good wine.

Wherever you use them, these strong fabrics tempt to be touched with the fingers, as if you wanted to wrest the secret of their beauty, untouched after so many centuries.

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