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New, The Helsinki chairs

Taking Busatti fabrics around the world, we have gathered ideas and trends that have allowed us to use our yarns in a different way, creating innovative products.

Some time ago in Helsinki, Finland, we displayed two chairs upholstered with a fabric called Due Limoni “two lemons”. It’s a very simple geometrical motive, though very versatile for its capacity to offer a great variety of color matches. But there is more: it was created by Francesca Busatti, my paternal grandmother, for shuttle looms. We still produce it like this today, as we did half a century ago. I wonder how surprised Nonna “granny” would be to see it displayed in Helsinki, a city in which the daylight hours during the whole month of December sum up to 20!

We are always in motion, but steady in our values

Going abroad has allowed us to bring together new creative initiatives and to transform them into fabrics that renew the tradition of Busatti’s “beauty”, to arise new sensations to the touch and invent new applications, such as our bags and fashion items, with the same care as our more traditional items.


Today working at Busatti can mean give hospitality to a Japanese television troupe at Palazzo Morgalanti, a fifteenth century building where we still produce our fabrics, receive photos of our tea towels from a new Yorker blogger or also display a corner of Tuscany in Dubai.

I don’t know what Nonna “granny” would say, she who after the second World War found herself at once managing a company and raising eight children on her own, but I think she would be proud of our work; exactly as proud as I am.