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Star of Merit Award

The historic Busatti collaborator, Annibale del Sere, has been awarded with the prestigious “Stella al Merito del Lavoro” (Star of Merit for Labor) by the President of the Italian Republic. The honorific was granted for particular merits in terms of competence, professionality and exemplary…

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Busatti a green reality

In respect of our energy efficiency plan we have implemented an important project which has allowed Busatti to be counted among the manufacturing activities of green energy producers. Furthermore, the large photovoltaic system provides more green energy than our needs, this allows us to…

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Busatti Yoga the new made of Seaweed!

Environmentally friendly. Relaxing. These are the “plus” of the new Busatti collection which is already online on Every article is made of certified seaweed and organic cotton. The special seaweed fiber used in the weaving process grows in the Northern Europe Seas and has…

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