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The Unione Imprese Centenarie, which includes among its members companies such as Marchesi Antinori, the De Cecco pasta factory and Banca Sella, has recently renewed its corporate bodies and Livio Sassolini (Busatti 1842) has been included on the Board of Directors of which Fortunato Amarelli (Amarelli 1731) will also be part in the role of President, Massimiliano Apollonio (Apollonio Vini 1870), Giovanni Busi (Azienda Agricola Travignoli 1473), Costanza Musso (M.A. Grendi 1828), Claudio Stefani (Balsamic Vinegar Giuseppe Giusti 1605).

With its work, the Unione Imprese Centenarie Italiane intends to safeguard and spread culture as a means of defending longevity, resilience and the intangible heritage that the individual associated companies, in their respective realities for over a hundred years, have shared.

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