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Manufacturing, Born to last

Our machines have been working non-stop for over a century

An exacerbation to say that you can breathe the history here; through the objects, photographs, books and historic relics that we have treasured and preserved.

Though weaving machines are today electric, with automatic controls, we prefer to keep using our mechanical shuttle loom machines which have been operating continuously for a century.

Rare and complex designs obtained by using simple punch cards

Our approach to weaving is very tried and true and is based on two threads interlacing perpendicular: warp which determines the width of the fabric and weft. On our shuttle looms, the spool passes back and forth on the warp, defining the design as it goes.
The Jacquard looms, created at the beginning of the 19th century by Joseph Jacquard a French man, produce complex patterns through punch cards. We still use the same punch card method and fabrics, but continue to find new processing and manufacturing methods to create innovative fabrics. Visitors to our store and factory are surprised to find that our noisy machines can produce such soft, light and finely decorated fabrics.