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Matter, Made at home but sent all over the world

Made at home but sent all over the world

To this day, you can see, from the old photographs or in the old films from the war years that the same characteristics are still in use the objects, machinery and workforce. They are the main characters of Busatti’s life and activity. The manufacturing of the wool is still made with the carding and spinning machines built just after Worl War I, as well as the shuttle looms that were mostly made from Italian and Swiss companies. These machines are still precise and functioning well even though they were manufactured between 1878 and 1960. The wool, also, is local from the Tosco Romagnolo Apenines, high up in Umbria and Casentino. All stages of production occur in Italy, from dying, to spinning, to weaving, to finishing.

We have garnered global clients by using the best local materials

Our creed is to make people understand that the way to arrange a table, to make a bed, to decorate your house, is to do so by simply living in the Tuscan way. Colors relax sight, natural fibers are anallergic, rustic and Renaissance designs bear beauty and culture. When purchasing Busatti you acquire a good that will accompany you for years.