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Night time, Night encounters

During the night it’s beautiful to discover oneself accomplice. That is why we put so much care into our bedroom fabrics

The rituals of the evening are less hurried but more intense than the morning ones. A quiet pleasantness settles over the body in anticipation of the tranquility that is to come. Coverlets receive me warm and protective. Feet touch each other slightly, caress themselves and you understand that is like that plants embracing, hidden from their roots. In this time of reflection the women of the house of Busatti come to my mind. So many of them went to bed alone, husbands away serving greater causes, leaving them to tend home, family and business. Relaxation did not come easily to them in the evening; rather they were visited by care and concern.

The house of Busatti women

I think about Maddalena and about Francesca, who in the middle of the nineteenth century saw their husbands follow Garibaldi’s ventures and found themselves in charge of family and company. I think about Romilda, during the Great War, also here alone while her husband served in the army and also about Francesca who after the Second World War had the burden of leading the company and raising eight children.

Coverlets, cushions, bed sheet, pillow cases, quilts and duvet covers with star names

These were wise and assertive women who worked hard to manage family and business equally well. Recalling the hardship they endured, we like to think that a little of their strength and taste in fabrics are still alive through the warm embrace of our coverlets, which, with no coincidence, share the names of stars and constellations.